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The Importance of Workers’ Compensation in the Cannabis Industry

From grow and manufacturing to transportation and dispensary sales, there are many avenues to pursue in the cannabis industry. As with any type of business, you need the proper insurance coverage to make sure that your hard work and investments are kept safe. You also need to ensure that your workers are safe and healthy while they work for you and your company. If an emergency situation arises and a worker is injured or falls ill on the job, workers’ compensation insurance is there to bring security to your company and help your worker return to the sound state he or she was in prior to the emergency. 

The basic components of workers’ compensation insurance are two-fold: coverage for medical costs and coverage for liability connected to the employer. First and foremost, the injured or ill employee needs to be brought back to how they were prior to the accident. Workers’ compensation covers the medical bill payments (generally, with no limit) as well as lost time if that can be a necessary consideration (limited to the resident state’s law).

The second component of any workers’ compensation insurance coverage is liability connected to you as the employer and the company’s contribution to the injuries or illness of the employee. The coverage’s liability limit depends on the specific mandates of the state in which your company resides but can also be increased, if necessary, with an Excess Policy.

At OG Cannabis Insurance, we understand the importance of keeping your company as well as your employees secure, so it is our goal to provide you with the best possible workers’ compensation insurance coverage at a price you can afford. Your cannabis business’s success is dependent on being able to continue operations as normal, and a worker injury or illness could seriously jeopardize that success unless you have the insurance coverage you need.


Get State Required Workers’ Compensation for Your Cannabis Industry

No matter what state your business is located and operates in, each state requires companies to have workers’ compensation insurance in addition to the other types of insurance that are also necessary. These requirements vary by state, industry, size of the company, and structure of the business, but the primary point is that businesses that fail to carry and maintain their workers’ compensation insurance can face severe fines, lawsuits, and possibly criminal charges. 

OG Cannabis Insurance is here to help your cannabis business choose the amount of coverage needed for your company and in your state. We understand all of the guidelines and requirements for states around the country, and we are sure that we can get you the insurance coverage policy your cannabis business needs. Some of the highlights of our workers’ compensation coverage for the cannabis industry include:

OG Cannabis Insurance wants to ensure that your cannabis company is fully insured in the event of an emergency having to do with one or more of your employees.


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If your cannabis company is in need of workers’ compensation insurance to ensure that your business and employees are fully covered, contact the industry’s insurance experts at OG Cannabis Insurance. We have the top carriers for workers’ compensation insurance for the cannabis industry, and we are sure that we can get you the coverage your operation needs. We specialize in placing the right cannabis and CBD insurance policy with fast and easily understandable quotes.

Contact us today to learn more about the requirements for your state and the benefits of comprehensive overall coverage. We are happy to give you a fast, free quote for your policy! We have over 18 years of insurance industry experience, and our agency has the knowledge and carrier relationships necessary to place coverage for all areas of the complicated cannabis business. You will be assigned a dedicated and experienced insurance agent/broker, so you will always know who your contact person is and who you can contact with any questions or concerns which need to be addressed. 

We provide coverage for cannabis businesses across the United States, including:

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