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No matter what your business you know you have to have the proper insurance to cover your buildings, employees, production, and investment. The need for insurance is no different for the Cannabis Industry. Each of these things is a concern and needs to be covered under your business insurance. Let our agents help you by providing you with a free quote for your cannabis insurance needs in the cannabis industry with the most extensive coverage area available.


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Cannabis Insurance Locations

With licenses in the following states, OG Cannabis Insurance has you covered in more locations. Call our office for a free quote and let the experience of our agents get your cannabis covered. Whether you need dispensary insurance, delivery driver coverage, marijuana cultivation insurance, employee coverage or anything in between, one quick call will get you on the path to covering all of your marijuana insurance needs.

Whether you are located near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or on Hollywood Boulevard, we have all of your cannabis insurance needs covered in California. CA# 0F82096

With our coverage in Nevada from the Las Vegas Strip to Area 51 we can keep your customers happy when your delivery drivers are covered with OG automobile and cargo insurance. NV# 3214287

Rest assured in Colorado from your dispensaries in Winter Park to your cultivators down the way from Doc Holliday’s grave in Glenwood Springs; you will be covered with OG Cannabis Insurance. CO# 524797

We have your hemp insurance taken care of in Oregon from the Bates Motel in Vale to the Salmon Fisherman in Gold Beach. OR# 100294075

We can keep your cannabis deliveries on track and your deliveries covered in Washinton from Mount St. Helen’s up through the Temple of Power in Newhalem. WA# BUS942675

Whether you have a business next to the Chassell Giant Bear Trap or down by the Steel Dinos in Tecumseh, we have your Michigan cannabis insurance needs covered as well. MI# 0111900

If you are down the road from Big Jim in Prospect Harbor or across the street from Uranus in Bridgewater, we have all of Maine’s marijuana insurance taken care of. ME# AGN281011

We have all of Arizona covered as well, whether you are on the Bridge to Nowhere in Yuma, or operating your dispensary with a view of the Grand Canyon. AZ# 1166771

No matter which of these locations you are in OG Cannabis Insurance can meet all of your coverage needs and keep you in the business of making others happy. Contact our offices today and set up an appointment to get all of your insurance needs taken care of.


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