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Cannabis and CBD Insurance in Phoenix, Arizona

At OG Cannabis Insurance, we understand the unique nature of the cannabis industry, so we are able to provide businesses like yours with cannabis insurance that covers exactly what you need in Phoenix. We have over 18 years in the cannabis industry and we work exclusively with cannabis and CBD companies in Phoenix, AZ and beyond.

When you have a business, there are plenty of things to feel anxious about, but OG Cannabis Insurance wants to make sure that your insurance coverage is not one of them. 

Types of Cannabis Insurance in Phoenix, Arizona

In addition to the uniqueness of the cannabis industry, OG Cannabis Insurance also recognizes that not all cannabis-related businesses have the same needs or concerns. For this reason, we have a variety of plans that are sure to suit your requirements, and our expert Phoenix, Arizona, cannabis insurance agents are happy to discuss these plans with you and ways to customize them further. Our current plans include:

If you need to adjust these plans or create a fully customized plan for your cannabis or CBD company, we can make all the necessary adjustments and walk you through the process. 


Cannabis and CBD Insurance in Phoenix, Arizona

Owning a business in Phoenix, Arizona, can be challenging no matter what industry you are in, but the cannabis and CBD industry also has its own concerns. Depending on the type of company you own, there can be issues stemming from the excessive heat that comes along with so much sun for most of the year. Summer temperatures can get as high as 115F or more, so it is critical that your machinery and air conditioning remains functional. 

If something should happen, your business could be severely impacted. That’s where cannabis insurance comes into play. OG Cannabis Insurance has you covered so you can rest easy knowing that your products, machinery, and anything else of value related to your business is safe.


Contact our Phoenix, Arizona, Cannabis Insurance Agency

If you are looking for insurance coverage for your cannabis or CBD business in Phoenix, Arizona, contact OG Cannabis Insurance. Our professional cannabis insurance agents have the experience and knowledge of the industry to help you get the coverage you need for your company. 

Whether you grow, manufacture, dispense, test, or any other aspect of the industry, OG Cannabis Insurance has the insurance plans to keep your business from going up in smoke. Call us today to get a quote.

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