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Texas Cannabis Crop Insurance

Cannabis is a highly medicinal herb that was unfairly banned from production or use for decades. Governments worldwide deemed cannabis to be unfit for use due to its impact in various ways. However, many governments worldwide have allowed their citizens to produce and use this medicinal herb in a quick turn of events.

An example of this is the United States proposing a farm bill in 2018 legalizing hemp production on a federal level. Concurrently, states have been implementing the legalization of cannabis medicinally and then recreationally. As such, the age bracket using this herb has widened, with older people using it as well.

That said, cannabis crops tend to go bad similarly to many other kinds of plants. Thus, it is essential to have cannabis crops insurance on all your crops. Otherwise, you may have to bear the brunt of the damage yourself if anything happens.

What is Cannabis Crop Insurance? 

Cannabis crop insurance is something that has been around since the conception of cannabis production. A lot of farmers and agriculturists that grow and nurture cannabis know how delicate cannabis crops are. When introduced to different conditions not suited to cannabis growth, it is bound to get weaker or die. These conditions include harsh winds, freezing weather, and scorching hot weather. They are also very vulnerable to fire and flood.

This weakness makes it more susceptible to different kinds of plant diseases. If left untreated, it can lead to the eradication of the whole cannabis farm. 

Cannabis Crop Insurance in Texas

That said, cannabis crop insurance is a form of insurance tailored to business owners who grow cannabis in Texas. If anything happens during the production or distribution of this herb, the insurance company will be responsible for reimbursing that farmer or business. This insurance coverage puts farmers back on their feet and helps to keep cannabis businesses going.

Contrary to popular belief, the cannabis insurance company entails not only the manufacturing businesses—that is, the farmers— but it also covers the processing and distribution businesses. That is why business owners within this sector are not only looking for crop coverage within the hemp industry but for other types of insurance coverage to meet their needs.

Hemp farmers must obtain crop insurance coverage from the right insurance companies and firms like OG Cannabis Insurance to ensure longevity for their businesses and their plant business.

What can be Covered with Cannabis Crop Insurance for Business Owners in Texas?

Several aspects can be covered with cannabis insurance policies. They are present below.

Protection of  Cannabis Cultivation Business Clients

Clients are arguably one of the most influential people in the cannabis industry as they generally are in the world of business. This is because the more clients a cannabis company has, the more that business would grow. 

Hence, the cannabis insurance company helps protect your clients by lowering the risk involved with the purchase.

So, if you’re a regular user of cannabis and you haven’t any disruptions in use, there’s a big chance that cannabis insurance coverage has made that happen. 


Protection of Producers and Employees with a Crop Insurance Policy

Employees are equally crucial in the cannabis industry. Without them, the sustainability of that particular cannabis business would fall drastically. Hence, taking care of employees should be one of the top priorities of any cannabis business owner.

This means that if any of your workers notice that yield is falling when they’re working, you would easily be able to provide crop insurance coverage without your company’s capital taking a big hit. 

If you don’t take care of your employees, not only would you witness a decrease in productivity and performance levels, but it would ultimately affect your finances.

How are you going to take care of your employees if you notice crop yields falling, affecting your output, sales, and other issues? If you can minimize risks with hemp insurance for cannabis grower participants and ensure marijuana products continue to move, you can increase your business income and decrease your liability.

The idea is to streamline your cannabis operations, have all the details, and ensure that you protect yourself with crop insurance, liability insurance, and other policies that help hemp growers with equipment breakdown issues, fire problems, or season-oriented factors. Indeed market fluctuations are part of the picture but you must ensure that your stock is ready to go at all times to continue your business.

Financial Protection of a Cannabis Growers Business

As you may already know, the financial protection of and crop coverage of a company is the primary reason why insurance coverages and policies exist in the first place. Without this crucial function, your business would be in big financial trouble if faced with any slight difficulty. 

These cannabis insurance companies like OG Cannabis Insurance help you get out of any potential financial trouble if your company’s business processes are slowed. 

It Covers Various Risks 

It is essential to understand that cannabis cultivation is susceptible to more risks compared to a normal one. 

This is because the hemp plant is a delicate crop. Cannabis growers in the hemp industry understand this but have a hard time trying to control disasters nonetheless. They are frequently faced with harsh weather conditions, rodent invasion, and erosion due to flooding.

That’s where cannabis insurance companies come in. They are companies whose sole purpose is to reduce the financial risks that hemp farmers encounter and provide coverage. These coverages are product liability coverage that would compensate you in the event of any disaster.

If you encounter any risks that would pose a financial problem to your business, then the insurance coverage would compensate you for almost all covered elements that you’ve lost.

Other Types Of Cannabis Insurance Coverage Policies in Texas 

Presently, many cannabis insurance companies in Texas have one goal; protecting their business from financial harm by obtaining coverage. As mentioned earlier, many aspects can put your crop in danger, which would consequently affect your company’s financial standing. Many firms like OG Cannabis Insurance understand this and have created various hemp insurance policies to help you minimize risks. 

You can take advantage of the policies present below:

However, in Texas, these companies ensure that they align with policies and aspects governed and regulated by the Texas Department Of Public Safety policies. Using the rules stated in the Texas Health and Safety Code and Texas Administrative Code oversees the production, distribution, and use of hemp. Thus, all of these insurance companies’ policies are created with the Texas Department of Public Safety in mind. 

Contact the Cannabis Insurance Professionals in Texas for Crop Coverage

OG Cannabis Insurance has the experience, the professionalism, and the expertise to help with your various concerns and issues. Our clients work with us because we prioritize their business success and help out in various ways.

Here are the aspects that help us to differentiate ourselves within the cannabis insurance industry.


Transparency is something only a few insurance companies may exhibit. More often than not, these insurance companies leave out essential details that could have you running at a loss in the long run. Also, insurance companies may fail to tell their clients about hidden fees and market fluctuations.

However, true cannabis insurance professionals like OG Cannabis Insurance would make sure to exhibit transparency in all of our transactions and dealings with you. 

We Ensure Adherence to All Regulations

The basic rule of any insurance company in Texas is to adhere to all cannabis regulations stated by the Texas Department of Public Safety while providing coverage. 

Cannabis insurance companies are highly needed in the cannabis industry to help minimize risk and ensure success. Companies like OG Cannabis can provide a lot of services to keep you out of financial trouble. 

We Are Here to Help

If you require assistance with cannabis crop insurance and other insurance policies in Texas, reach out to us today. We will be pleased to work with you to provide coverage that meets your needs. If you are looking for a carrier to help you minimize exposures and protect you from damage and loss with your plants and products, reach out to us today. We are here to help with your claims, operations, and property damage today.

Our representatives at OG Cannabis Insurance are pleased to be part of an insurance provider that will provide information, keep up to date on the latest news, and help to mitigate risk with preventative policies.

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