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Why Cannabis Insurance Is Important

The green rush is getting more hectic every day. Stocks are volatile, bills are being passed, denied, or delayed left and right. It seems like people are forgetting more and more about the independent businesses, and want to leave them uncovered during these challenging times. Luckily, we at OG Cannabis Insurance work for you! Our team has been in the insurance business for over 20 years. Our company specializes in all aspects of the cannabis industry. Don’t let your business go up in smoke, read on to find out what cannabis insurance is best for your needs.


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Cannabis Cultivation Insurance

We place value on every section of the growing process, from Seed/ Vegetative Plants/ Flowering Plants/ Finished and Harvested Product. Our packages can also cover General Liability, Building, and Lights and Grow Equipment. Cannabis Crop Insurance is an exclusive coverage of our cannabis insurance policy.

Cannabis Property Insurance

Investing in a successful cannabis business means you spent a lot of growing equipment, display cases, and buildings. The last thing you need is theft or other unforeseen circumstance bringing your dreams crashing down. Our cannabis property insurance is exactly what you need to cover personal property at your business, the building itself, money and securities, outdoor property, personal effects of others, and more!

Cannabis Product Liability Insurance

Imagine you’ve invested time, money and effort into your new cannabis-infused edibles company, just to have a major appliance fail. If you did not have cannabis product liability insurance, that would be the end of your business. But with this insurance, whether you sell food, drinks, t-shirts, you are covered! From your stocking processes to the property you are making your creations in will be covered with cannabis product liability insurance.

Marijuana Dispensary Insurance

If there’s one thing we know best, it’s marijuana dispensary insurance or mmd insurance. As soon as you open your doors to your new dispensary, you are opening it up to the chaos of the world. Get covered by us at OG Cannabis Insurance so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Cannabis Laboratory and Testing Facilities Insurance

The scientific measures necessary are incredibly convoluted and complicated. Don’t let science jargon make you have a loss because of omissions or errors. This type of cannabis insurance is exactly what you need if you have or rely on cannabis laboratory facilities.

Workers Compensation for Cannabis Business

If you have a business, you most likely have workers. And they legally have to have workers’ compensation. We at OG Cannabis Insurance have you covered so you don’t have to sweat the little things. From multi-state coverage to payroll integration, give us a call today to ease your mind.

Cannabis Commercial Auto And Cargo Insurance

Our commercial auto insurance covers things most normal companies wouldn’t, like Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury, Medical Payment, Comprehensive and Collision and more. Whether you deliver to patients or own your own dispensary, we got you covered. Get a free quote now!

Special Event Insurance

If you are having an event and marijuana is a part of it, we highly recommend giving us a call to find out how you can best be covered! From the product to the location, we can set up a quote suited for your exact needs. No event too big or too small, we will find the right policy for you.

Cannabis License Surety Bonds

One of the first things you need when you start a marijuana business is a cannabis license surety bond. We will take the time to learn about your business and provide you with the best policy to fit your business. Give us a call at OG Cannabis Insurance today for a quote.

Cannabis Lounge / Cannabis Club Insurance

You finally have the look, vibe, and setting of your club together. The last thing you need is for all of your hard work to be destroyed with no financial recuperation. We offer custom quotes to cover everything you can think of, and of course the things you wouldn’t. We are great at what we do, give us a call today for a free quote.

General Liability Cannabis Insurance

The last thing you want is to start a new business, just to immediately be sued for everything you got because a customer missed the bright yellow step into your shop. Cannabis users are of all ages, and you never know what accidents can occur. We can help you be ready for the unthinkable with our general liability cannabis insurance.

Cost of Cannabis Insurance

The cost of cannabis insurance is invaluable. When you consider not having insurance, you are putting a lit flame next to a gas can, next door to your business. It might hurt a little, it might hurt a lot. Avoid the possible pain and give us a call at OG Cannabis Insurance today for a custom quote!

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