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Cannabis Insurance in Bridgewater, Maine

Bridgewater is a town in Aroostook County in the State of Maine in the United States. The city is located in the east of Aroostook County on the Canadia border. There are several smaller lakes in the town, including Portland lake to the southeast and Packard lake and Whitehead lake to the northeast.

Despite the difficulties with financing cannabis operations due to local and state laws conflicting with the federal regulations, many new businesses supporting the marijuana trade have begun to emerge over the years. Marijuana companies are allowed to operate in Maine. There are also various marijuana businesses in Massachusetts.

Finding insurance for your cannabis industry is no longer a concern. Cannabis insurances in Bridgewater have coverages for all your insurance needs.

Advantages of Cannabis Insurance in Bridgewater in Maine

Having to avoid any liability or loss in your cannabis industry may be the best decision that you can make for your business and products. These policies are designed to protect your marijuana establishment and provide coverage to the unique insurance needs.

First, these insurance companies offer general liability coverage, which protects against accidents involving those not affiliated with the company. If the company is sued, the policy will cover legal fees, settlement fees, and medical fees. For instance, if a customer walks into a dispensary, trips over the door entrance, and sustains bodily injuries, a cannabis insurance policy can step in and cover those costs. Without general liability cover, the business would be forced to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.

Second, cannabis insurance providers are associated with offering great benefits packages to employees. These insurance companies allow employers to provide excellent benefit packages to full-time employees.

Types of Insurances

The following are some of the types of insurance that you can get for your company in Maine.

Crop Insurance

This is a type of cannabis insurance that provides the necessary coverage to marijuana growers. If there are any damages to the growing crops, the marijuana growers get financial help. It also covers the risks facing crops from natural disasters during cultivation, such as heavy rains, drought, and famine. Even though Bridgewater, Maine marijuana grows are primarily conducted indoors, you are still considered a farmer, for lack of a better word.

Ensuring your crops will provide your product with the best protection in case of any losses. Crop insurance is also applicable in the case of seeds and harvested crops.

Property Insurance

Another recommendation for business owners is property insurance. This kind of insurance would cover any additional risks not covered by the commercial liability insurance. Property insurance can protect your property from many threats, including natural disasters, internal failures, and many more.

Property insurance can act as a catch-all for those already carrying general liability insurance. It can protect your business from very costly risks that are part of owning a property.

Equipment Insurance

Marijuana growers and processors need this. Under this insurance, the marijuana owners get protection in case their equipment is damaged. Processors and growers use a lot of equipment in their facilities, significantly larger operations. Depending on the approach to growing and processing, some facilities can have costly and intricate systems in their companies. As such, insurance protecting the owners from loss of equipment is necessary to ensure the company’s success.

It is improbable for growers to be targeted for theft; this type of insurance also covers the equipment lost to theft. Under this insurance, the owners will get the repair expenses in the case of damage or replacement costs in the case of damage.

Equipment insurance provides additional coverage and acts as a fail-safe for anything that property insurance would not cover.

Cargo Insurance

This type of insurance is relegated to that shipping their product around. Shipping in Maine using trucks or even vans can get dangerous. Auto insurance in the cannabis industry is generally capped. Therefore, as a business owner, the limited policy may not protect the total value of the shipping product. Cargo insurance offers the added protection to cover your entire shipment and could even require less coverage from your auto insurance.

This type of insurance is recommended to extensive facilities that are constantly transporting large quantities of marijuana. The total loss of a shipment could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars being lost. As such, this insurance is recommended to those that can secure it.

Contact the Leading Cannabis Insurance

Insurance is necessary to cover every potential risk in a business, and the cannabis industry is no exception from this. Since the cannabis industry is ever-growing, the risk is perceived to be higher. 

At OG Cannabis Insurance, we provide all of the insurance coverage you need for your cannabis business in Maine. 

We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver insurance that is customizable for your particular business. We only work with companies in the cannabis industry, so you can rest assured that we understand state requirements as well as the specific insurance needs for the various business types in the cannabis industry. 

Contact us today at (877) 473-7979 to get a free quote for your business. Don’t let your company go up in smoke in the event of a catastrophic occurrence due to a lack of insurance!

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