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New York Cannabis Property Insurance

The cannabis sector has experienced exponential growth in the last two decades. Studies reveal that the United States of America’s cannabis sector will be worth $150 billion by 2025. However, there has been a significant number of challenges accompanying the developments attained in the sector. It is worth noting that the industry will face tighter regulatory regimes and an increase in the attributed risks with this development.

In essence, the rapid expansion experienced in the cannabis business stirs the dire need for stakeholders to think about adopting product liability and property insurance customized to meet sector-specific risks. It is only through the guidance of a well-versed insurance broker that stakeholders will be cushioned from any effect that may make them fall victims to the adversities presented by their operations.

Focus on protecting your investments in the cannabis industry by using a property policy that makes sense for you. If you have grown equipment, various buildings, supplies, and products, you want to ensure the value of these property items. OG Cannabis Insurance is an insurance company that understands the value of this industry, its growth, and its contribution to GDP across the world. That is why OG Cannabis provides insurance options like property coverage that protects each aspect of your successful business.

Here’s everything you must know about the importance of cannabis property insurance in New York and how we can help you with property insurance with our vast services for the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Insurance in New York

It is no surprise that cannabis businesses turn to different insurance provider service options like OG Cannabis Insurance to ensure that they stay safe. From cannabis growers and those participating in the overall distribution aspects of the business to those that store materials and supplies, cannabis insurance programs can provide quite a bit of value.

The right insurance provider can assess various insurance considerations for buildings, general property, property damage, and overall liability. They can also provide crop insurance for cannabis companies among other types of insurance products that make sense for dispensaries.

Did you know that New York is home to over 700 cannabis farmers and business services? An industrial report indicates that 100 large-scale licensed medical institutions have diversified their operations in favor of growing cannabis while the rest engage in industrial hemp farming. It is worth noting that the state of New York harbors over 1,000 processors who focus on turning hemp into essential industrial products like cannabidiol (CBD). This industrial outlook reveals the need to adopt an effective cannabis insurance policy in New York.

But why are this building and general marijuana property insurance necessary?

There has been a significant increase in claims and lawsuits targeting cannabis ventures that range from growth to distribution. These factors include insecticide residues in the end product, inadequate/insufficient warning labels, and risky handling operations in the manufacturing process. 

For instance, a New York-based dispensary owner could face punitive action for selling defective products and become at risk even where there is proof that the enterprise owner had no prior knowledge about the product in question. This one aspect of the risk that one takes with their cannabis operations.

But remember to think more about the products you give your clients, the general building, and other types of property that could suffer from security issues.

Property Coverage

Cannabis businesses make heavy investments in the machines and equipment needed to run their operations. Remember that raw cannabis, drying machines, storage facilities, and processing machines used in these operations could be culprits of unplanned events like fires and other natural catastrophes. This shows the need for having effective insurance coverage and insurance policies that will cushion the venture from the dangers associated with such exposures. 

Protect Your Cannabis Business in New York

This is the right moment to protect your cannabis business in New York by taking cannabis insurance coverage. In essence, our insurance company has choreographed policies that form the foundation for any form of a risk management program for cannabis businesses in the New York area.

 This is the time to contact a cannabis insurance expert like OG Cannabis Insurance in New York if your business deals in various parts of the cannabis value chain. The industry forecasts depict the cannabis sector as one of the fastest-growing segments. As such, it is necessary to protect what you have and unleash your growth.

Products and Services Offered by OG Cannabis Insurance in New York

Our New York Cannabis insurance company offers the following types of insurance to meet your business’ needs:

Why Choose OG Cannabis Insurance?  

Businesses operating in the hemp industry could be prone to a wide range of risks in their operations and relations with stakeholders. Here are the significant reasons why a cannabis business in New York should adopt incredibly exceptional cannabis insurance coverage options.

OG Cannabis Insurance is one of the few insurance companies that provides a slew of options when it comes to the cannabis industry but we can focus on your property insurance needs. It is a firm that understands the cannabis and hemp industry and ensures to add another layer of safety for your cannabis operations.

Remember that obtaining property coverage for your business is one of the best actions you can take in this early stage of the legalized cannabis sector.

Whether you are part of a marijuana wholesaler company, work with other cultivators, experience an equipment breakdown event, or manage a variety of properties, remember that your success depends on regular effectiveness. Each cultivator and group of business owners must optimize against risks that range from theft to loss stemming from technology errors to vandalism event situations, to other security factors with the right policy.

Remember that whether you want to minimize risk against fire, vandalism, theft, liability, or other types of loss, insurance companies like OG Cannabis Insurance can provide a custom policy that makes sense for you. Get a quote from us today!

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