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Cannabis Insurance in Tecumseh, Michigan

This article is an overview of the types of insurance you need for your Michigan Cannabis Business. The Cannabis Industry brings business risks that can be managed by getting the right insurance coverage without excess cost. Product manufacturers, marijuana growers, and dispensary owners all need different coverage. Also, look for a licensed agent with an office located near you.

Cannabis Industry

Even though the legal Cannabis Industry is relatively new, many commercial insurance firms now offer Cannabis Insurance that covers some of the risks unique to medical marijuana firms. What needs to be covered depends on the type of business and what marijuana products they sell.

Risk Management

Buying insurance is a form of risk management. Events that impact profits may be avoided or insured against. Accidents and “Acts of God” can damage property and severely disrupt the company’s operations. Businesses may purchase comprehensive coverage or coverage for a certain aspect of their operations. Being covered against common disasters in the industry is a must.

Insurance Types

Cannabis industry insurance is generally of two types – liability and loss – that protect against loss of income and offer compensation if something goes wrong.  Most coverages protect from either liability for accidents and defects or insurance against loss from theft, fire, and natural disasters. Note that landlords also need protection for their property.


What Do You Need Cannabis Insurance?

Cannabis insurance needs vary based on what the company does. Some amount of liability covered is a must. Product recall coverage is important for a manufacturer. Growers need insurance from a specialist insurance firm. Property coverage is also crucial for building owners so they are protected against losses from theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Landlords just cover their buildings or land. Look into comprehensive or blanket policies at OG Cannabis Insurance. We have been in the insurance business for over 20 years and we provide all of the insurance coverage you need for your Cannabis Business in Tecumseh, MI.


CBD and Cannabis Insurance in Tecumseh, Michigan

As with any company, your marijuana-based business needs to be insured against loss. Insurance is a complex aspect of business management, but an essential one. Make sure you get the right amount of insurance by discussing the coverages you need with cannabis insurance experts in Tecumseh, MI today. Our program is available to any business operating in Michigan. Our office has experience covering all aspects of

Cannabis Business Operations in Michigan. Protect your business and give us a call at OG Cannabis Insurance today for a custom quote!

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