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Cannabis Insurance in Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City is known for its exceptional combination of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure complete with views of the majestic Rocky Mountain. Denver, Colorado, is a hub of elegant restaurants, craft breweries, skiing, and other cultural outlets. Visitors and residents can enjoy a plethora of shopping options, including dispensaries and CBD shops like yours.

At OG Cannabis Insurance in Denver, Colorado, we are well-versed in all aspects of the cannabis industry, and we understand how important it is that your grow, manufacture, dispensary, or testing facility is fully covered by the right type of cannabis insurance needed for your company.


Denver, CO Cannabis Insurance Company

OG Cannabis Insurance in Denver, Colorado, has over 18 years of experience working specifically and exclusively in the cannabis industry, so you can rest assured that we will cover your business thoroughly. We have the knowledge and carrier relationships to ensure the right coverage for your business in the very complicated cannabis industry. 

Cannabis operations can be very tricky, and the needs of the facilities and stores operating in the industry vary widely. We understand that there cannot be one umbrella coverage policy for growing, manufacturing, dispensing, testing, and other operations. At OG Cannabis Insurance, we carry a variety of insurance plans, but we are also more than happy to customize a plan to your specifications so that you get the exact coverage you need to keep your cannabis or CBD business up and running in Denver, Colorado.


Types of Cannabis Insurance in Denver, CO

Cannabis insurance coverages vary depending on the type of cannabis or CBD business you are currently operating. At OG Cannabis Insurance, we understand that a dispensary will not have the same needs and concerns that a grow facility would have, so the insurance plans for these two companies cannot and should not be identical. Our goal is to ensure that you insurance plan perfectly fits your business and you are 100% satisfied with the coverage you have.

Our Denver, Colorado, insurance company offers the following types of insurance to meet your business’ needs:

If these plans do not fully meet your company’s requirements, we are also able to customize an insurance plan for you. Contact our Denver, Colorado, insurance agency for a quote.


Contact The Cannabis Insurance Experts in Denver

At OG Cannabis Insurance, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to discuss all of our insurance options with you and provide you with all of the information you may need to make an informed decision about your insurance. If you are a marijuana facility or a cannabis dispensary in Denver, Colorado, or any other type of cannabis business, contact our cannabis or CBD insurance agency today to find out about all of your options, to get a customized plan, and to get a quote.

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