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The insurance game is an ever-changing environment, especially in the Cannabis Dispensary Insurance sector. There are a variety of different factors (e.g. cannabis laws and policies) that can affect the way your insurance works and how you and your business are covered.

The OG Cannabis Insurance blog keeps you up to date on cannabis insurance, laws and policies, and dispensary insurance news so you can be proactive on protecting yourself when the unexpected happens. We update our cannabis insurance blog regularly so check back soon for more posts!

Your Cannabis Crop Checklist: Insurance Plans

When you start a business of any kind, insurance is an essential item on your checklist. Insurance is especially important when starting a cannabis cultivation business. With cannabis cultivation, your product is your entire business and thus needs protecting as such. Here are the points you need to know about marijuana crop insurance and how to mark it off your cannabis crop checklist.

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How Do I Start a Cannabis Cultivation Insurance Package? 

Starting and running a marijuana cultivation business takes a lot of work and care. You have to plant and nurture the plants to maturity and harvest them when ready. Imagine if something happened, resulting in the destruction of your crops. With cannabis cultivation insurance packages, you can get coverage for your business that will protect you from a loss of product in any stage of cultivation. Check insurance off your list of items to have by reaching out to a cannabis insurance company that knows what you need and can protect your crops from seeds to finished stock. OG Cannabis Insurance will start you on the right track to protecting your plants and business. 

What Kind of Cultivation Insurance Do I Need? 

When looking for cannabis crop insurance, you want a company that covers every stage of your crop’s cultivation. Working with OG Cannabis Insurance affords you an insurance package that will cover every stage of the growing and selling process. These packages include coverage for seeds, seedlings, vegetative plants, flower plants, harvested plants, finished stock, and everything in between. Should you suffer a loss at any stage, your product would be covered, allowing you to avoid a loss for circumstances that are out of your control. 

Cannabis cultivation insurance packages cover loss due to theft, fire, and other hazards. They can cover medical and recreational operations, indoor and greenhouse cultivation facilities, and can include general liability requirements as well as property coverage. Let the team at OG Cannabis help you find the perfect package for your cannabis cultivation business.

Keeping Your Cannabis Business Covered 

Now that you know how to get your business insured contact the experienced team at OG Cannabis Insurance and start your cannabis business off on the right foot with marijuana cultivation insurance that covers your product from seed to sales. Put your worries to rest, knowing that should the unthinkable happen your cannabis business is in good hands and you have protection from the losses of your products.

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