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The insurance game is an ever-changing environment, especially in the Cannabis Dispensary Insurance sector. There are a variety of different factors (e.g. cannabis laws and policies) that can affect the way your insurance works and how you and your business are covered.

The OG Cannabis Insurance blog keeps you up to date on cannabis insurance, laws and policies, and dispensary insurance news so you can be proactive on protecting yourself when the unexpected happens. We update our cannabis insurance blog regularly so check back soon for more posts!

What is Cannabis Insurance?

Usually when I tell someone I do insurance for the cannabis indusrty I get a mixed look of interest and confusion. Mostly it’s because the mention of cannabis reminds people of the last time they smoked it or of the last stoner movie they’ve watched. After the slight intial chuckle the next thing out of that persons mouth is usually “What is cannabis insurance”? or “I didnt know they have insurance for that”!

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My typical response is “Cannabis Insurance is for cannabis business opertions”- For the companies that grow, make or sell cannabis products. It’s as this point I can literally see the words boring flasing in their eyes and I normally hand them my card then change the subject.

Insurance on its own, is not as fun as what cannabis insurance might be.

But for me, the cannabis insurance industry has become the most exciting industry I’ve ever been apart of. All the talented, smart and enthusiactic entrepenuers Ive talked to reminds me that dreaming and going “big” can have huge rewards. Getting to know how the new and creative products coming to market will help people has opened my eyes to the very needed medical side of cannabis.

So when I hear the question “What is cannabis insurance”? Personally, I never get bored.

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