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Cannabis Delivery Insurance

As we are all aware, accidents happen, and this is quite true when it comes to driving on the streets, highways, and even in parking lots. Sometimes an accident can be caused by something as simple as a slip of the foot, a sneeze, or distraction by the radio. Other times, accidents may be the result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness on the road. Regardless of the reason or cause of the accident, it is important for every driver to have thorough and full insurance coverage in case the unexpected occurs. 

When it comes to owning and operating a business that makes deliveries or has to transport people and/or products from one place to another, it is critical that the company has comprehensive insurance. Unexpected delivery accidents can cause serious financial burdens for the company, and insurance is the only way to prevent that risk. Whether your company has its own drivers or utilizes independent drivers, the owners of the company should have the right amount of insurance so that the success of the business is protected. 

For deliveries of cannabis or CBD products, your cannabis company needs to have auto and cargo insurance and ensure that it meets the requirements mandated by city and state licensing departments. At OG Cannabis Insurance, we know what those coverage requirements are and can make sure that your cannabis business insurance policy is up to the standard. We will ensure that your business is covered from all angles, regardless of the circumstances of the accident.


Cannabis Delivery Insurance

When you own and operate a cannabis or CBD business, it may be necessary for deliveries to be made either by drivers hired within your company or independent drivers hired as contractors for your business. Even the most cautious of drivers can become involved in an accident due to someone else’s negligence or disregard for the rules of the road. If the unexpected were to happen, it is best to be prepared and have the right precautions in place.  

It is essential for the security of your company that you have comprehensive cannabis delivery insurance so that accidents (if they occur) are covered and will not lead to a financial crisis or bankruptcy for your business. Vehicle repairs, hospital bills, and the destruction of product can quickly add up, and the only way to prevent the costs from overwhelming your business is to have the right insurance for your cannabis company’s needs.

OG Cannabis Insurance can provide you with commercial auto insurance which includes the following: 

We are able to insure a wide variety of eligible individuals and entities for cannabis delivery, but OG Cannabis Insurance is unable to provide coverage for drivers with a DUI or other major violation within 10 years or those without a driver’s license or driving with a suspended license.  Those who are eligible for coverage based on the criteria of the carriers we have relationships with include:

If you have these types of drivers operating for your cannabis business, it is critical that you have the comprehensive coverage you need to ensure the security and safety of your drivers and your business. Auto and cargo insurance can be a part of your overall cannabis business insurance plan to ensure that all of your property and development is covered, even when it is on the road. The agents at OG Cannabis Insurance are well-versed and experienced in the cannabis industry – it’s all we do – so we fully understand the questions and concerns you may have when it comes to coverage.


The Importance of Cannabis Delivery Auto Insurance 

Cannabis delivery auto and cargo insurance is just as important as individuals having the right level of auto insurance for their own vehicles. Likely, you would feel extremely unsafe traveling from one point to another without the proper insurance, so why would you put your cannabis business at risk by not investing in the right insurance? You never know when an accident may occur – even the safest of drivers can encounter a negligent or careless driver who inevitably causes an accident, minor or major. For a business of any kind, an accident can have serious financial consequences which may even lead to lawsuits or bankruptcy. To avoid these types of burdens, it is critical that you have the right kind and amount of commercial auto and cargo insurance required by city and state laws. 

It is also important to consider how your delivery drivers feel when operating their vehicles. They may be concerned, frustrated, or frightened by the prospect of becoming involved in an accident, regardless of whether or not it is their fault. If the driver was to injure another driver, get injured, or destroy the products being delivered, it may have a severe impact on that driver. Knowing that there is comprehensive insurance on the products, vehicle, and himself, the driver will likely be much more confident and happy while doing the deliveries. 


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